Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Cardboard form

Finished Vessel
I have been working on "deskilling" my artistic practice over the last week. This was suggested by multiple faculty members at the Jan. residency. My first few attempts have been a mess. Obviously newsprint and elmer's glue are not my forte! So I took a different approach,  I created a form out of cardboard. Then using melted wax I attached strips of real estate ads to the form. I feel this was a much more successful exercise. It took longer than the 15min time limit I set to keep me from making anything to precious.  I did finish it in 45 min, without the time limit I might of continued working on it till I considered it complete. While working on this I had an idea to make  forms from wire then cover with tissue/rice paper dipped in wax. I am trying to only work with materials that are not permanent or valuable. Items we would throw away. I have not returned to working in clay yet but I plan to at some point in the semester. I am interested to see what influence that material would have on my current ideas.


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    1. Thanks Adam,
      I'm not sure where this is heading or what I'm doing but I guess that's part of the process!