Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Forms

"Canopic Forms"  

Another view of vessels
I have been working with new ceramic forms and shapes while thinking about how a vessel could be used to "mark" events or periods of time. This has led me to consider the historic use of the vessel as a marker.  Inspired by the grave Stelae of many ancient eastern cultures as well as the North Carolinian tradition of using a jug as a grave marker I created a series of "marker vessels".  After throwing jug/bottle forms that were open I decided that I did not want the vessel to be "functional"  so I eliminated that by closing in the top creating a finial.  Experimenting with various forms over the last few weeks I have noticed that the vessels slightly resemble Egyptian Canopic Jars. I like this association and I am going to continue on with these forms and see what comes from this new direction.

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