Friday, October 19, 2012


Traces, Platter form
This platter was created from a slab of clay with patterns pressed into the surface when the clay is soft. The shape is achieved by laying the still soft slab into a plaster mold. The mold I used is one that I made from my Great-Grandmothers china platter. This platter is both a treasured object and a huge bone of contention in my family. When my Great-Grandmother passed away everyone wanted it and since her Will did not name the platter specifically everyone felt they had a claim to it.  My mother is the one who ended up with the platter and I was allowed to borrow it so I could make a plaster mold of it.  I had planned on making a china platter for everyone in the family as a way to heal the rift that this object has caused. I have not given up on this idea but it seems right to use this form for my current work. Traces of my life embedded in my Great-Grandmother's platter.

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