Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Image Transfer experiments

Paper Stencil Tile #1

Paper Stencil Tile#2

Paper Stencil Tile #3

Paper Stencils on Clay Tiles

Paper stencil on clay (detail)

 I have been exploring different ways of image transfer onto a clay surface. I have been using paper stencils that I cut out from my drawings. So far these work well for a basic shape but not for detail work, plus cutting the paper is very tedious and time consuming. I have found that Tyvek paper is better  than newsprint because you can reuse the stencil multiple times. I am researching screen printing on clay this should let me put in more detail. I have done plenty of lino/wood cut and etching but very little screen printing. In fact my only experience was in 7th grade when I made my own note paper (lines and all) now that was something to see!  I wonder if I still have any,  maybe I could use it to write this residency summary that I am procrastinating on? hmmmm....

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