Monday, November 26, 2012

Cylinder forms part 2

Four cylinder forms, glazed

Black Cylinder, with Blue cylinder in background

                      I have spent most of my studio time over the last few weeks glazing some of the various forms I have been working on this semester. These cylinder forms are the first ones out of the kiln so they are first to be posted about. Overall I am pleased with the way the layers of slips, underglazes and glazes work with the textural elements I have pressed into the forms. These vessels have a depth that a photo can not convey accurately. Although these forms are sort of a dead end for my AIB work I learned much from them and will continue to use what I learned and apply it to my future work. I may at some point revisit these forms since I am not one for saying never but for now my work is moving on and seemingly away from these cylinders.
Black cylinder, detail

Blue cylinder

Blue cylinder, detail

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