Monday, November 12, 2012

Sevres to Slabs and back again

Cut out parts of slabs

Using the Serves forms I had on hand I attached cut out parts from the slabs I have been using to make platters and vessels. I used cut outs in similar shapes as the on the historical vases. Since the  base forms were completely dried I used paper clay to adhere the wet slabs to the surface. I used a lot of slip and water to moisten the forms in the hopes that nothing will crack. After making the first form I started the second. This one is shown in the bottom two images. I am still working on it and have to add more orage slip to the paper clay.  It will be a while before either one is dry enough to fire and I know if this process works or not.

Slabs attached to Sevres form with paperclay

Yellow slip added to paperclay, front view

Yellow slip added to paperclay, side view

Form 2

Form 2, detail

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