Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh Canada, Chewbacca, Xu Bing and the Mayan Calendar

Diane Landry, "Knight of Infinite Resignation"

Kim Morgan, "Range Light, Borden-Carleton, PEI 2010"

Chris Millar, "Sculpture 370H55V"

Chris Millar, "Sculpture 370H55V" Detail

Graeme Patterson, "The Mountain"

Graeme Patterson, "The Mountain", interior view

Graeme Patterson, "The Mountain", view into the mountain

Graeme Patterson, "The Mountain",  House on the left
Last week I visited the Oh, Canada exhibit at MASS MoCA.  I was quite impressed by our neighbors to the North. I have to say my favorite piece was by Graeme Patterson. As you may of guessed by the plethora of images! This work is a combination sculpture/video installation. The amount of detail and time to create this work was mind boggling! The tiny paper clip chairs, mini workshop and little drum kit rocked! Also a funny little thing was all the "trees" smelled like baby powder! Weird, but I kinda liked it!

 Other works I was drawn to were Chris Millar's "Sculpture 370H55V".  This work is comprised of quirky little objects all fused together to form a kind of floating city. A visual treat for the eye, the longer you look the more you see!

Throughout the exhibit I spotted no less than three sculptures/images of  Chewbacca from Star Wars incorporated into various works. Hmmm....interesting!

Not to be missed is Diane Landry's installation of windmill like structures made from sand-filled plastic bottles. I could of spent all day in the room watching the light play on the walls and listening to the sand shifting in the bottles. Very soothing. My only suggestion would be to put a bench in the room so visitors can enjoy it longer.
 Kim Morgans inside out light house sculpture is a must see. Texture, light and latex, oh my!

My suggestion is to get thee to MASS MoCA before April 8th when the show closes. As an added bonus if you go after Dec. 22 you'll get to see Xu Bing's "Phoenix".  That is assuming the ancient Mayan calendar is wrong and the world does not end on Friday...............

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