Saturday, December 29, 2012

Platters, Platters, everywhere...

After months of work I am finally beginning to "see the light at the end of the tunnel". December has been a month of glazing for me with Christmas as a little speed bump along the way. I unloaded my first "finished" group of platters from the kiln this week. I had a few disappointments and pieces that needed to be refired but overall not too bad. I have some ideas for what to do differently and what to expand upon for next semester. I  am looking forward to the feedback from the critiques at the upcoming residency. This I am sure will change some of my ideas and give me new ones that I had not thought of yet.

"Road Wheels"

"Building #131"

"Building #131", Detail

Clay Stamps and Stencil

Now for a bit about process. Along with the natural elements I used to impart texture on the slabs I used clay stamps. Some of these I made  from my military map and chart kit. Others are based on military equipment and personnel. I also made a few barrel stamps that are suggestive of vehicle racks.  Some of the symbols I used represent artillery, rations, direction, landing zones and ammunition.


"Tread", Detail

This platter cracked which I expected since I really beat it up when I was pressing it into tress and the stone wall. I am going to put some epoxy on the back of the crack to reinforce it and to try to prevent any further cracking.

Cracked Platter detail


"Threads", Detail


"A817", Detail

Group of six finished platters
I still have five smaller platters to glaze along with one larger platter.  Then I will finish "Frankenpot" and the three other vessels I have been working on.

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