Monday, January 14, 2013

AIB Residency 4

Platter forms, view from left
 I have just returned home from an another amazing, intense, overwhelming and insightful residency. I will now spent the next few weeks digesting all that I experienced over the last 10 days.

Posted here are few images of the work I brought and how I arranged it in my crit space.

This work is the jumping off point for my thesis work which I will be making this semester. I know it will change and grow from what is pictured here and I am looking forward to this process.
Platter forms, view from right

Platter forms

Vessels, detail of military icongraphy

Paper Slip Vessels
Texture detail 1
Texture detail 2

Large Vessel, detail of neck

Large Vessel, detail of foot
Textured Vessels

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