Friday, February 17, 2012

"controlled spontaneity"

Hanover Center

Crafts Avenue 2

Pine Street 1

I have been working on a series of drawings using "controlled spontaneity"(thanks, Nicole!).  I start with a liner street map of an area where I have lived.  These maps are not necessarily accurate but they are as I remember. Over that I make spontaneious gestural marks. As new marks are made I respond to them. This is purely instinctual with no pre-planning or forethought on my part. One interesting thing is so far all the drawings seem to resemble abstract landscapes. I am okay with this and I am just going to keep working and see what happens.


  1. Jessica I just totally love your new work and the range of explorations you are diving into, really great!!!

    1. Thanks Dana, my work is going in a completely new direction and I am really enjoying the freedom of it!