Monday, February 6, 2012


Khobar 1(Finished)

Khobar 1(form)
I've been think about my time spent in the military and my experiences lately. I don't often dwell on on these events but recently they have been haunting me. I never realized the gravity of my military duties and actions until later. My unit(the 30th Intelligence squadron) was one of many deployed to Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm/Desert Shield in the mid 1990's. We were stationed at the Khobar towers complex in Saudi.  I had returned to the US from my last tour there in April and was scheduled to go back in June. The day before I was to leave I was not feeling well so I went to sick call. I found out that my "sickness" had a cure but it would take nine months for me to feel better (yep, I was pregnant!) This prevented me from deploying. Thus saving me from being in the bombing attack on Khobar that happened a few days later. My unit was not spared and everyone I knew was injured in some way during the bombing.  I would of been there if not for my unborn son, who knows what may of happened. None of the members in my unit were killed but the unit next to ours was, just one room away................

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