Friday, February 24, 2012

Let there be COLOR!

Mount Lebanon Cemetary

Lebanon Common

I have been experimenting with a way to put color in my work and still maintain all the qualities of a drawing. I tried watered down acrylic but it looked to "painterly".  I am not against painting and do plan on going in that direction at some point. As well as finding a way to translate these ideas in clay. It's just for this series I want to stay with drawing materials. So I have found that pastels work well but the tend to smudge away to easily. I have ordered colored charcoal, I have never tried this product so who knows what will happen. Also I've ordered  a roll of 42" wide paper to work on, this will let me make large gestural drawings using my whole body to create marks that I can respond to. Very exciting!

I am looking at crossroads in life, past and present. Exploring how the decisions I've made(or that have been made for me in some cases) determine the paths I've taken. I have never ended up where I expected.  This is becoming a very personal journey one I was not ready to face until recently. Delving into my past has drastically changed my work and as I dig deeper more is revealed. I am in an amazing place right now and each day is a new discovery.

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